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60 Minutes: Never Telling the Whole Story | Obamacare

60 Minutes:  Never Telling the Whole Story | Obamacare I was on an emotional high, having just watched the Broncos get embarrassed at home by the Colts.  Being a long time Raiders fan, nothing feels better than a Broncos’ loss, unless it’s a Chief’s loss. Imagine my glee, when “60 Minutes” came on, and on […]


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Leftys & Obamacare: Liars or Just Plain Dumb?

Leftys: Liars or Just Plain Dumb? When looking at Liberal policies and platforms, I am always struck by the lack of real world common sense said policies are based.  First, let’s take Obamacare, a favorite target of mine. Using the Left’s numbers of uninsured, 48 million, we can easily see that 8 million people signing […]