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Contagion: Republican Cynicism Running Rampant 3

 Contagion: Republican Cynicism Running Rampant (Ebola?)   The Ebola story has been as close to a daily fixture in our news coverage for the past several months as anything short of this country’s various military campaigns could be. A lot of ink has been spilt on this story—a lot of keystrokes logged. Has anyone thought […]


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Obola – The Ebola Epidemic -The Doc N Lefty Radio Show

Obola – The Ebola Epidemic President Obama’s response to the Ebola pandemic is very telling about his entire Presidency.  Or maybe the media’s love affair.  Or both. First, there was H1N1.  This is the flu of 1917-1918.  It reared its ugly head in 2009, just a little bit after Obama assumed office.  The outcry over […]