Where is the Reasonable Debate in America?

Where is the reasonable debate in America?  I cannot find any reasonable debate on cable or national TV. Anywhere. For the last week, I have watched more TV than I ever have in my life. I’m close to 30 hours in the last five days. I don’t see any form of meaningful, reasonable debate. I don’t see any kind of tolerance for another view point, and I definitely don’t see an effort to reach consensus.
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All I see is people yelling and talking over each other and calling each other names. I expected that on “The View”, but on shows that are supposed to support national discourse, I see no evidence of that, with the exception of some of the Fox News shows. But at Fox News, simply putting a liberal and conservative on to yell at each other doesn’t present all views, just two views. It’s better than one view, like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, CNN, or any of the others. But two views limits what information and ideas are out there that can be debated. And who knows when someone not a lefty or a righty will come along with a great solution, only to be buried in the vitriol of both wings?Wings are supposed to elevate you above the ground and carry you to your destination, not drag you down and make you crash.I’ve also come to the conclusion that Pres. Obama’s real enemies are the left wingers. When the President says he wants to move forward, his own party trips him up. (WSJ) When he tries to pass some legislation, he gets comments from Rep. Nancy Pelosi stating she “does not know if Pres. Obama can count on support from me or the left”. (WSJ, NYT, Washington Post)Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with Pres. Obama on many things. Health care. Taxes. Energy. Agricultural policy. The economy. The stimulus plans. But I agree with him in principal that we need to make some changes. 
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