Pass the Deal to SEE the Deal

You have to pass the Deal, to see what’s in the Deal.

I was excited to have Rabbi David Kaufman on the show.  What a smart guy, and very down to earth.  We were talking about the Iran Nuclear Deal.  It’s kind of like the New Deal, the New New Deal, and the “Great Society” that has plagued America for a solid three generations now.  It seems like when liberals use the term “Deal”, they don’t mean it like it’s a benefit.  They mean it like you’re at a poker table.  You’ve just lost a bunch of money that your buddy gave you, so you don’t care and yell, “Deal!”
The goal of the world is to have a nuclear weapon free Iran.  This “deal” doesn’t do that.  Iran has opposed the IAEA, (an independent nuclear watchdog that is completely inept at enforcing anything) and it took GW invading Iraq to get Iran to cooperate.  In 15 years, Iran has free reign to do whatever it wants.  That doesn’t sound nuclear free to me.  Just because my grandchildren will have to “deal” with the “fallout”, doesn’t mean it’s a good “deal” for us.  As a bonus, we have to pay Iran to use THEIR OWN inspectors, for the inspection process.  Plus, the IAEA makes secret “deals” with Iran over their nuclear power and weapons development, that will remain secret.  We have no way to verify Iran is in compliance with the “deal”.  As a doctor, I am hounded by the IRS, HHS, and DHS for all kinds of BS, and they know everything I do and say.  I think we should apply that same standard to a country that has vowed to wipe the US and Israel from the face of the planet.  It isn’t just this President of Iran, but EVERY President of Iran since 1977 pledging this.
The Democrats are slowly being pressured, i.e. bought, to support this “deal”.  No Republican supports it, most Democrats don’t support it, or if they do, they have 17 pages of objections against it.  Every day Democrats don’t like it, but since if you disagree with Obama you’re labeled a racist, most go along with it, thinking like Democrats do that politicians know better than they, and the pols have their best interests in mind.
Democratic politicians are a different breed, really.  They’re all in it for themselves, but when it comes to “dying on the cross” of Liberalism, they are willing to sacrifice anything for a sound bite.  Look at how many Democrats lost because of Obamacare.  The same thing is going on now with the Iran “deal”.
The good Rabbi said the chances of anything truly good or truly bad happening are low.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  Our closest allies in the Middle East are aligning themselves and quickly as they can with Russia and China, historic competitors if not outright enemies.  The Europeans are glad to have more markets.  Keep in mind, these are the same “partners” we had when the “oil for food” scandal hit with the UN caught violating it’s own sanctions and laws, and France, Germany, and Russia all caught as well.  (Those three countries led the charge against US involvement in Iraq, and blocked several resolutions in the UN, hindering GW’s push for a unified front against tyranny.)  There is no verification system, and the “snap back” provision is laughable, in the way a crazy “Clown Killer From Outerspace” is laughable.
In exchange for nothing, we let the economy of a known supporter of terrorism take off, we give them their money back, and they will be flush with trillions of dollars to spend on supporting even more terror.  Israel is worried.  The Saudis are worried.  Egypt is worried.  Turkey is worried.  Russia is gleeful, and selling them advanced weapon systems, along with China.  Iraq is screwed even more than they were.  There is nothing good about this “deal” anywhere to be found.
It reminds me one time of a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament I participated in.  I was at the final table after a weekend long frenzy of playing.  I had a full house, with a pair in my hand and a pair on the flop.  I had it.  Just me and the other guy.  Who, though I didn’t know it, was holding a pair of 6’s.  The river comes, another six.  It’s okay, I thought.  That’s just a pair of 6’s on the table.
I lost to Four of a Kind 6’s.  
Kind of like America is losing again on a “deal”,  but this time you know the other side has a pair.

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