Leftys & Obamacare: Liars or Just Plain Dumb?

Leftys: Liars or Just Plain Dumb?

When looking at Liberal policies and platforms, I am always struck by the lack of real world common sense said policies are based.  First, let’s take Obamacare, a favorite target of mine.
Using the Left’s numbers of uninsured, 48 million, we can easily see that 8 million people signing up in it’s first year of operation leaves 40 million people uninsured this year.  According to the Left, that’s a success.  That sounds great to them.  20% of the uninsured are now insured!  WOOHOO!  But hold on, how many of these people signed up that already had insurance?  Or signed up just to shop around?  Or signed up because they were afraid that if they did not sign up, they would not be able to get coverage in the future?  The Left can’t tell you that, although they can tell you how many tweets Angela Merckel has in a month.  Either the Left doesn’t have a way to crunch those numbers, which is something they should have thought of, or they are lying to us by claiming they don’t have the ability to know.  I can tell you from a physician’s viewpoint, if they can’t even track who has insurance and who doesn’t, then why am I collecting all this information on my patients to send to the government?
Had the Left’s pols spent ANY time with a real job, a real business, or even asked anyone with a real job or a real business, they would have found out that “open enrollment” is from November to Jan 1st.  That means you have to have the capability to enroll 48 million people on your website, in 2 months.  And you should probably hire people that have done those kinds of rollouts before, not some 70’s hack with a penchant for bad work.  Blizzard, the makers of the wildly popular MMORPG World of Warcraft managed to bring their game online with 500,000 players signed up, paid, and playing by 5:00 pm THE DAY OF LAUNCH!  I would think the Administration would have asked them how they did it.  But they didn’t.  Instead, they hired an outfit, CGI Federal, with a history of absconding with government money, hoping they’d treat Obama better than other clients.  They didn’t.  Again, had they spent any time in the real world the rest of us live in, they would realize that past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior.  In other words, this outfit would not have survived in the open market, since after the first time they screwed a client over, the word would have got around and no more business.  But government, especially Lefty government, doesn’t work that way.  Do you think the feds are going to go after the millions they spent and CGI Federal stole?  Nope.
The Administration is also worried that “invincibles”, those people young and not likely to need insurance, aren’t signing up.  Specifically, the 18-24 cohort, and the 24-30 cohort.  From news reports, the Obama administration has spent millions trying to encourage this cohort to sign up for Obamacare.  The Left cannot figure out why these two cohorts will not sign up.  It’s beyond their ability to understand real world conditions.  First, Obamacare allows adults to remain on their parents insurance until the age of 26.  Why would you sign up and PAY for insurance when your parents can pay for it?  What kind of idiot would do that?  Especially when family plans are so much cheaper per individual than individual plans?  And if you are a healthy 27-30 year old, why pay $375 per month for insurance, when you can pay about $180 per month in penalties for not signing up?  Plus, if you get sick, you can sign up anyway at $375 per month and have coverage since there isn’t a pre-existing condition clause anymore.  Makes plenty of real world financial sense to stay off of Obamacare.  Over a 12 year period, an “invincible” could save $47,500 by NOT signing up for Obamacare.  If the Left had thought for two seconds using real world experience instead of ideology, they would have realized the very law they were so supportive of would be the very reason it could not succeed. As I have said before, Obamacare is a very poorly written law.
And now we are going to go back to the Left’s accounting office.  It took six months and several deadline extensions to get 8 million people signed up for Obamacare.  This year with open enrollment, they anticipate 10 million people signing up.  That’s wonderful, but only in the Left’s mind.  That still leaves 30 million without insurance.  And keep in mind, those that don’t have insurance now because they couldn’t sign up, have to pay a penalty of around $2000 per year.  Through no fault of their own, they will be taxed and penalized.  And, at the rate people are signing up, it will only be another 4 years before everyone is signed up.  That’s $80 billion to the Feds this year, for their own screw up.  Nice.
Since the real world is now intruding on me in the form of a job and a business, I will conclude by letting you all decide if the Lefty’s are dumb, liars, or both.
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