Every Life Matters

As I was making my way around the state this last weekend, I kept seeing signs about the 105 poor souls who have lost their lives on Iowa roads.  My prayers go out to their families.  It was particularly telling when the signs would switch to “Every Life Matters.”
Every life should matter.  Black lives matter.  Asian lives matter.  American lives matter.
As I thought about how lucky I am, and frankly, we all are that we live in America, and have the safety of our nation surrounding us, it occurred to me that one group is singularly left out.
Unborn lives.
I won’t bash you with statistics.  I won’t show you horrific pictures of abortions.  That doesn’t help.  People have made up their minds.  Some will say, “I’m a guy, I don’t have a say”.  Others will suggest that unless I’m in the woman’s shoes, I won’t understand.  And others will say it is a decision between a woman and her doctor.
What I don’t hear is that at least 97% of the abortions are performed for social reasons, and not medical.  America is the only country in the world with “abortion on demand”.  If every life matters, how come in some cases, it doesn’t?  (For those of you wanting to know where I got my stats, I’ll include them at the end.)  If every life does matter, to the point that it’s the DOT’s motto, then EVERY LIFE should matter.
Another thing I don’t hear very often is, “How does the father feel?  Doesn’t he have any input?”  I think he should have input.  Legal input. I think this is an important discussion to have as Americans.  It takes at least two to make the child.  Two should decide.  The laws should be clarified, and be more balanced.
I also don’t hear anyone discussing the extreme psychological damage having an abortion does to the woman, the family structure, and society.  I deal with the fallout from abortion nearly every week.  The Pro-Lifers at this point are screaming, “I told you so!” and the Non Pro Lifers are rolling their eyes and saying, “oh, PUHLEEZ!”  The reality is women who get abortions get them for all kinds of reasons, but the fallout is very similar from woman to woman.  Regret, sadness, anger, and a life time of “It was for the best, wasn’t it?”  It’s very similar to what veterans I treat go through.  We really should have a good, non-biased long-term study of women who abort.

Every life matters.  Especially unborn life.
Pat Bertroche
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