From Dr. Lee Hieb: How To Stop Ebola 1

A Message from our sponsor and Candidate for Governor:  Dr. Lee Hieb:

I strongly object to using the National Guard in Africa for a number of reasons.  First, it is  always bad to send troops into harm’s way for nebulous strategic purposes.  In this case I have not heard an overarching strategic plan, a tactical deployment plan, nor a plan for logistical support including medical care.  In the past we have supported troops through Amphibious ships off the coast of Liberia.  I cannot think of a more dangerous situation than trying to control Ebola on a Navy warship.  And I am dubious about direct air evacuation of large numbers of troops potentially infected back stateside.

Secondly, this is not the mission of the National Guard.  They are trained as warfighters, not medical screeners, although again, we have not been told exactly how they will be used.

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Finally this is not in the national security interest of America–quite the opposite. At this time we have the standing forces occupied all over the globe–some in Afghanistan being chewed up for no apparent gain. Our “Commander in Chief” has allowed an open border policy which is threatening the lives of American citizens to drugs, disease, terrorism and direct assault on their lives and property.  And now he is moving out the true homeland security defense force–the National Guard–to Africa.  I could not concoct a better policy to degrade the security of Continental US.

I refer you to my article above for a plan that makes sense to me to stop ebola…  Please Read.

Lee Hieb, MD

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