We ARE Cliven Bundy


We ARE Cliven Bundy.  And his Ranch. 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


There’s a reason the Founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution.  And that reason can be summed up very nicely with one name: Cliven Bundy.


There are plenty of articles out there at this point from both sides.  Briefly, here’s what all sides seem to agree is the history.  The Bundy’s settled the land on their ranch in the late 1800’s, after the US government wanted people to settle there.  They used the water there for “land improvement”, and that gave them the right at that time to use the land the water ran through.  Later, the US government said they owned the range land, and through an Orwellian series of laws and regulations over the years, started forcing ranchers off of federal grazing land, shutting down thousands of ranchers whose only goal was to feed the hungry in our nation.  In 1993, the rules changed yet again, adding the Desert Tortoise as an endangered species, and further limiting ranchers’ ability to feed their cattle.  Bundy had a chance to renew his grazing permit, but chose not to since he believes the US government does not have that right, and deals with the state of Nevada directly.  At this point, he owes from $300,000 to $1,000,000 to the US in fines.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), aka the Gestapo of the Western States, tried every court maneuver to get Bundy off federal grazing land, and won every decision.  Then they advised Bundy they were going to take (steal) his cattle and sell them at auction to pay his fines.

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Back in the day, cattle rustling was punishable by hanging.  Now, it’s government sponsored.  BLM agents storm the area, start rounding up cattle, and have plans to ship the cattle to Utah for an auction.  I admit that Cliven Bundy didn’t follow the rules established by the US Government, and the government has the “force of law” behind its actions.  But when doesn’t the government have the force of law behind it?  They are the ones that make the laws!

Keep in mind, though, that Cliven Bundy isn’t guilty of violating a law; he’s guilty of violating government regulations.  The US government has steadily eroded land and water rights from individuals, using EPA regulations, BLM regs, Endangered Species Act, and Iminent Domain.  This has been a simmering problem for years and years. In fact, there is a Bugs Bunny cartoon from 1950 regarding Imminent Domain called “Homeless Hare”.  The issue has been growing more and more troublesome as the government takes more and more private citizen’s land to pay off corporate cronies and political big spenders.  And it has come to a head in this case.

The BLM (Gestapo) backed off ONLY when armed citizens acting as militia came to the Bundy’s ranch and provided support.  There were “militia” snipers on overwatch, and armed citizens confronting the BLM agents, who at that point had rolled in with some automatic weapons, large transport vehicles, and had been physical with the crowd, using tasers and tackling people to the ground with impunity.  In other words, acting with the “force of law”.  The BLM showed no plans to stop the cattle rustling, showed no desire to change the regulations that created the problem, and acted as a school yard bully.  The only time they backed off was when armed citizens showed up to say, “This isn’t right”.

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Guess what happened?  Not only did the BLM goons back off, they gave Bundy his cattle back.  This is what the Founding Father’s intended with the 2nd Amendment.  They saw the slow erosion of rights and unfair taxation across the British Empire.  And they knew, no matter what the other Amendments might say, unless the American citizen had the right to carry weapons equal to the government, the other Amendments would fall easily. 

Now, to those of you who say, “Bundy was wrong, he didn’t follow the law”, let me tell you the BLM started this whole thing because of the Desert Tortoise.  The BLM said cattle disturb its habitat.  But the SAME BLM allowed all kinds of development in the Desert Tortoise’ habitat, and collected fines, until the housing bubble burst.  And those same bureaucrats are going to allow Harry Reid and his supporters to put Chinese solar and wind farms on the very same habitat range that the Bundy’s use for their 600 cattle!

That’s how the government works. 

And the citizens of the US should be grateful to the supporters of the 2nd Amendment, because Cliven Bundy could very easily be you.

We ARE Cliven Bundy.



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