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The Spirit of American Exceptionalism

Boy, oh boy.  What a weekend for this political warrior.  First, I went to Chicago, the bad horror show of politics that has plagued America for over 100 years now.  Second, I went to see the USA Eagles play the Australian Wallabies.  The Wallabies, who aren’t nearly as cuddly as they sound, are ranked third […]


Let’s Talk about Sects, Baby. 1

LET’S TALK ABOUT SECTS, BABY   On October 3, 2014, Bill Maher, favorite son of the progressive, secular humanist (i.e. atheist) left, found himself catching some blow back from a relatively unknown actor named Ben Affleck for Mr. Maher’s position on Islam. Bill was aided in what the internet has called a “fierce debate”, a […]

From Dr. Lee Hieb: How To Stop Ebola 1

A Message from our sponsor and Candidate for Governor:  Dr. Lee Hieb: I strongly object to using the National Guard in Africa for a number of reasons.  First, it is  always bad to send troops into harm’s way for nebulous strategic purposes.  In this case I have not heard an overarching strategic plan, a tactical […]

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