A Tale of Two Senators: Brad Zaun and Joni Ernst

A Tale of Two Senators: Brad Zaun and Ernst

Sen. Brad Zaun made local and national news when he revealed he took his weapon, along with his 2nd Amendment right to carry it, to the Iowa State Capitol.  The Des Moines Register, who made Sen. Zaun’s video interview available online, seemed astounded that anyone would have the audacity to bring their 2nd Amendment guaranteed weapon to the Capitol for self-defense purposes.  The Register even attacked Sen. Zaun’s statement that he carried a weapon for personal defense, stating that the security around the Capitol was adequate.

Brad Zaun for United States Congress

For those of you that have gone to the Capitol, you know there are many ways to get inside the Capitol that doesn’t include going through the security line.  For those of you who haven’t been to the Capitol, trust me, there are ways to get in that a person with even limited motivation could bypass security.


The Register even went so far as to quote Sec. of the Senate, Mike Marshall, who said it was his understanding that weapons in the Capitol were “against the rules”.  Of course, this made the Lefties grim, and they bought tens of copies of the Register, just to get the whole story.  You couldn’t listen to news radio without hearing Sen. Zaun state that not only did he carry a weapon, but he carried for self-defense, and he understood that the rules allowed for it.  He went on to say other elected officials went to the Capitol armed as well.  It wasn’t long until Sen. Joni Ernst stood up for her 2nd Amendment rights and said she went armed as well to the Capitol.


You know what?  Good for them.


Having been in politics since I was a youngster, I have seen first hand the kind of lunacy the Left attracts.  I’ve had death threats on my campaign.  I know for a fact that Sen. Zaun has had threats.  Lefty and I have interviewed people, elected and non elected, who have had death threats leveled against them.  One poor official looked so shell-shocked when he arrived at the studio, we delayed the interview.  He said to us, “What happened to common decency and the exchange of ideas through debate?”  Indeed, what has happened?


Now, having done some research, it turns out that the Legislature did pass rules banning the regular folks from having weapons at the Capitol.  But they specifically exempted the Legislature, employees, and officials of the government.  So it turns out that Sen.s Zaun and Ernst were well within the rules, not to mention their 2nd Amendment rights, to carry at the Capitol.


When I heard on the radio Sen. Zaun say he carried at the Capitol, I couldn’t believe it.  I called him, and he said, “I always followed the rules, and I didn’t think I violated the rules, but I won’t carry a weapon anymore on the Capitol until there’s a clarification”.


That’s not why I called him.  He had received a lot of bad press from the Register, and of course the Lefties were out in force.  But I had a different message for Sen. Zaun.


“Senator, I’m proud of you.  If we had more people standing up for their 2nd Amendment rights, we’d have less problems from government.”  I encouraged him to keep carrying, and if he did violate the rules, to come back next year and change them.  I would encourage Sen. Ernst to do the same.


Turns out he didn’t violate the rules, and as I am writing this article, the Register has come out with another article.  Of course, there’s no apology to Sen. Zaun.  But I believe the Register does owe an apology to Sen. Zaun.

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In the Article, the Lefties are worried a gun carried by a Legislator could be “lost”, and wind up in the hand of a child.  It’s a legitimate concern, however remote that possibility would be.  But keep in mind, Gabby Giffords was shot, and the shooter kept firing into the crowd, hitting several other people, including children.  He stood, in the middle of this crowd, shooting.  Loughner wasn’t a right-wing kook, as the Left accused.  He was a Lefty himself.  Had someone been there with a weapon, the shooting would have been stopped much sooner.  That’s what studies have shown over and over.  When confronted by a person with a weapon, the mass shooting stops.  If there is a shooting at our Capitol, having responsible people like Sens. Zaun and Ernst with a weapon will be a good thing.


Mike Marshall has also said the Senate rule is no weapons are allowed.  I would encourage Sen. Zaun and Sen. Ernst, and any other person, to change the rules so that our legislators could carry at the Capitol.  And I support their right to carry a weapon for their own protection.


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