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Maddened by Reefer – Marijuana Debate

Maddened by Reefer It looks like Marijuana will be on the campaign trail yet again this year.  After Colorado’s legalization of the ubiquitous drug, and word of subsequent revenues splashed across the headlines for months, other states are lining up to get in on the cash cow parade.  Last year Gov. Branstad signed Iowa’s own […]



60 Minutes: Never Telling the Whole Story | Obamacare

60 Minutes:  Never Telling the Whole Story | Obamacare I was on an emotional high, having just watched the Broncos get embarrassed at home by the Colts.  Being a long time Raiders fan, nothing feels better than a Broncos’ loss, unless it’s a Chief’s loss. Imagine my glee, when “60 Minutes” came on, and on […]

Let’s Talk about Sects, Baby. 1

LET’S TALK ABOUT SECTS, BABY   On October 3, 2014, Bill Maher, favorite son of the progressive, secular humanist (i.e. atheist) left, found himself catching some blow back from a relatively unknown actor named Ben Affleck for Mr. Maher’s position on Islam. Bill was aided in what the internet has called a “fierce debate”, a […]


Shoppers rush through the doors at a Macy's Inc. store in New York, U.S., on Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. Discount store shoppers are prepared to wait in long lines on Black Friday, though they are skeptical about whether they'll get the best deals of the season. Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Celebrate Black Friday, Our Most Successful Export

Celebrate Black Friday, Our Most Successful Export As most of you know, I was traveling this Thanksgiving.  As I touched down in London, UK, I was greeted by giant signs proclaiming different sites and strategies for dealing with Black Friday.  I won’t bore you with the details, but with the drollness the Brits are famous […]

Thanks for the Progress, Democrats. (Now, get the hell out.)

 Thanks for the Progress, Democrats.  (Now, get the hell out.)   There has been a lot of ribbing of yours truly for my dearth of posts to the website. I wish I was able to do more to defend myself from said ribbing, but the facts are the facts: I haven’t written nearly as much […]


americans are exceptional, american exceptionalism

Americans are Exceptional… Except When They Aren’t.

Americans are Exceptional… Except When They Aren’t. I had occasion to see the New Zealand All Blacks wafflestomp the USA eagles a couple of weekends ago.  Now, before those of you who are less exceptional than the rest of us get your panties in a twist, the All Blacks are named for their uniforms, not […]

Contagion: Republican Cynicism Running Rampant 3

 Contagion: Republican Cynicism Running Rampant (Ebola?)   The Ebola story has been as close to a daily fixture in our news coverage for the past several months as anything short of this country’s various military campaigns could be. A lot of ink has been spilt on this story—a lot of keystrokes logged. Has anyone thought […]



Voting American Style

Voting American Style By now everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is sick and tired of nasty political ads telling everyone that listens that everyone, except for themselves, are paragons of evil. We even have websites that check the accuracy of the ads and claims. Even political junkies like Lefty and me, are tired of it. […]