The Doc N Lefty Radio show began as an idea that two different people, from two very different philosophies, could actually agree to most things.  The synergy between the two men’s different styles and backgrounds meld well into presenting information and opinions on politics and more.  The show is different and fresh weekly, with new guests, new news, and a new debate.  Both men are very passionate, and it is fun to watch those passions collide.

Lefty (Blake Lubinus) was a Drake Law Student renting a house across from Doc (J. Patrick Bertroche, D.O.) at the time.  They had some brief neighborly conversations, which turned into more in depth debates.  Even though they disagreed often, they found they could respect each other in disagreement.  Many of these conversations started while shoveling snow, or mowing, or one of the other everyday activities that we all get to enjoy in Iowa, but they would end up lasting for many hours.

The idea of a radio show didn’t come until nearly a year later.  Doc had a show on a different network, and Lefty had cohosted occasionally.  There was such a demand for the dynamics that they had on air that they decided to continue and formalize the show.