Update: Ukraine Part 1

Update: Ukraine part 1 It’s been an entire year since I’ve visited my favorite European country.  Usually, when you revisit an area, you can see subtle changes, but it’s still pretty much the same.  Not true for Ukraine. My first trip to Ukraine was 2008, just before the crash.  Viktor Yuschenko was President, and Yulia […]

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Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina….

  Don’t cry for me, Argentina Politics and rugby.  For this guy, it doesn’t get much better than this.  I got to watch the Argentinian team run rampant through the Rugby World cup, showing a strength and agility that a top tier team would envy.  It’s hard to push the Australians around, but push them […]

Conservative Hypocrisy: Good on Toast. Bad on Everything Else.

Conservative Hypocrisy: Good on Toast.  Bad on Everything Else   Before I get started, let me make sure I understand the ground rules for this particular discussion.  First, when a mass shooting takes place in the United States, we’re not supposed to talk policy solutions; we’re supposed to allow the families and communities time to […]

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Ukrainian Elections: Bold, funny, and just a bit scary. Darth Vader.

    Ukrainian Elections: Bold, funny, and just a bit scary First of all, I admit I have a pretty good life.  I try to give back to those less fortunate, and sometimes that lands me in foreign countries in turmoil.  Since I am not only a student of politics, but also of human behavior, […]

The Spirit of American Exceptionalism

Boy, oh boy.  What a weekend for this political warrior.  First, I went to Chicago, the bad horror show of politics that has plagued America for over 100 years now.  Second, I went to see the USA Eagles play the Australian Wallabies.  The Wallabies, who aren’t nearly as cuddly as they sound, are ranked third […]


Pass the Deal to SEE the Deal

You have to pass the Deal, to see what’s in the Deal. I was excited to have Rabbi David Kaufman on the show.  What a smart guy, and very down to earth.  We were talking about the Iran Nuclear Deal.  It’s kind of like the New Deal, the New New Deal, and the “Great Society” […]

Deez Nuts for President: A Cautionary Tale

Deez Nuts: A Cautionary Tale I sat down and started to write some content for the site.  I know, I know, you have all been waiting for my pontifications on public policy and politics.  It has been a busy summer, with at least 22 Presidential candidates coming to Iowa to fawn over us and beg […]


It’s Really Simple: Racism is Bad.

Its Really Simple:  Racism is Bad.   I have been thinking about the Charleston shooting daily since it happened last Wednesday, June 17. That is not to say that I have had a lot of “thoughts” about the tragedy, but just that I have been thinking about it a lot. So, I suppose I would […]

Every Life Matters

As I was making my way around the state this last weekend, I kept seeing signs about the 105 poor souls who have lost their lives on Iowa roads.  My prayers go out to their families.  It was particularly telling when the signs would switch to “Every Life Matters.” Every life should matter.  Black lives […]

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The Duggar Family and Huckabee

You’ve all been hearing about Josh Duggar, the Duggar Family, and the support of Mike Huckabee.  Learn more by checking out our videos from last week’s show here: